Friday, 15 April 2011

My Story

Hi again,
So I'm going to tell you my story of M.E/CFS, here goes :)

I was first diagnosed with M.E when I was 8 (early year 3) and I started getting the symptoms when I was about 7 (mid to late year 2).

The first symptoms I got were, Stomach pains, lag and arm ace, headaches, fatigue and a few others. Whiten a few months after being diagnosed I got wheelchair bound and stopped going into school. I lost alot of friends, I went from being quite popular to very isolated. I missed most of year 3 and alot of year 4, then I started having home tuition.

I started getting back into school about late year 5 and then managed to walk using crutches, then started to walk properly a couple of months later, that was a huge achievement for me and my family were so pleased.

By the end of year 6 I was in school quite alot of the time and walking all the time. Then when I went into secondary school (year 7) they pushed me to go in full time for two weeks, in them two weeks I made new friends and felt reasonably normal for once. However that didn't last for long, I ended up having a big relapse and went back to having tuition.

Now I'm currently in year 8 and still having tuition, I haven't been in school at all for year 8. I see my friends occasionally, but still wish I could go into school full time and be healthy.

Thank you for reading

Rachel xx


  1. hi, im becky
    im also on ayme too and have cfs.
    ive added you on here, ive got a blog for my textiles that i do for alevel.

    i think this is a really good idea :)

    hope your as well as possible. :)

    feel free to pm me on ayme, my name on there is beckyfil

    becky xxxxx

  2. Hi Becky
    thank you I will have a look at you're blog :)

    I'm glad you like it x

    I will give you a pm soon (but if I forget pm me I'm RachelxxLou on there)

    Rachel xxxx