Monday, 18 April 2011

MEAW (M.E Awareness Week)

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So MEAW is coming up (8th - 14th of May) and I thought I would remind you all why it is so important to do something (however big or small)

M.E. is probably still the most misunderstood condition in the UK today. Children and young people with
M.E./CFS face disbelief, stigma, neglect and isolation.

Despite being classified by WHO as a neurological disorder like MS and Parkinson’s Disease, in 1969, and
affecting 250,000 people in the UK, 25,000 being children, there is still no cure, the cause is unknown and
the majority, 75% are unable to obtain suitable care or support.

In M.E. Awareness Week we want young people’s stories to be heard to help members of the
public understand that the world of children and young people with ME/CFS is shattered by this debilitating
and devastating illness.

M.E./CFS threatens the physical, emotional, personal and intellectual development of children and young
people, and disrupts education, social and family life at a particularly vulnerable time of life.

If you would like to do something but not sure what here are a few ideas

1. Sponsored silence, anyone can do this weather you are fully healthy or severely affected with M.E

2. Bake sale, if you are not well enough you could get you're mum, dad or loved one to sale them for you and you could maybe help with some of the cooking

3. Sell card/Jewelry, again if you are severely affected with M.E get someone else to sell them you can just make them

4. Sponsored run, now this one is for the healthy or less affected suffers.

5. Sell some of you're old stuff, this could be clothes, toys, jewelry, dvds etc. Then just give the profits to Ayme

I hope that helped if you can think of anymore ideas let me know

Rachel xx

Information from Ayme

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